Snow Day

(photo by Haley Bragg – see the rest of the set here)

I love a good snow day. Growing up in Mississippi, snow wasn’t really common. Ice was our most common wintry weather option. It wasn’t until I moved to Nashville almost six years ago that I really experienced snow on a semi-regular basis – and in just the past couple of years that it’s actually been a substantial amount.

There’s something really magical about a snow day in Nashville. First of all, the whole city seems to come to a complete halt. Friends and neighbors stay home from work in order to stay off the roads. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook become filled with updates of how everyone is spending their snow day and snapshots of their front lawns. It’s almost like everyone conspired to make this day happen.

I ventured out earlier today in the snow to take some pictures. The woods behind my house are already pretty mysterious, but with snow they turn into an enchanted forest.

I just love a good snow day.

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