Sir Links-a-Lot

I usually like to reserve a links list for Friday, but today has been pretty hectic – so, I figured that I’d make Monday a little brighter with some fun pictures and links!

1. I wish there was a Topshop closer to me than NYC or the UK. This is such a great bag – and while I certainly don’t need another bag in my life, I’m sure that I would buy it if I ran across it in a store.

2. This picture is from a recent blog post at The Sweetest Occasion. There’s something just really cheerful about those yellow balloons and mint colored table. I like it.

3. I miss having long hair. Please grow faster, hair! (Photo source.)

4. Speaking of hair – I can’t tell you how unbelievably hard it was for me when I tried to accomplish this hairstyle. I can’t braid backwards!

5. Gabe and I are using these atlas flowers in a wedding this weekend. I LOVE them and they’ll be perfect for the theme we’re working with. I found them on Etsy at a cute little shop that I’m sure I’ll frequent!

Hope your Monday was great!

4 responses to “Sir Links-a-Lot

  1. How have I missed your blog!?!? Cute!

    If you have any more pinterest invites, can i have one?!

    Ps- emily’s make-up on Saturday looked AMAZING! Great job!

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