Nashville Graphic Design: Sweet Thing Invitations

I’m excited to announce that I’ve turned one of my most popular stationery designs into an invitation/thank-you note collection!

I first came up with this design when my always supportive sister asked me to design something for a friend of hers that was having a baby girl. Since then it’s been a really popular design in my shop – one of my oldest friends even bought some to use as thank-you notes after her baby shower. It made me proud to get one in the mail! (Okay, I’ll admit it. I hung it on my refrigerator.)

Anyway, if you have a big crush on this design like I do (I mean, that’s okay to say about your own work, right?) then check the listing out here. And if you’re not having a baby or sweet little goodies aren’t your thing – check out the rest of my shop. There’s something for everyone!

ALSO, if you like the idea of having the option to purchase the invitation AND matching thank-you notes (as a hostess, this is a great little bonus to add to the guest of honor’s gift!), I’m working on making more collections from my existing designs – PLUS some brand new designs. I’ll let you know when they’re up in the shop!

Have a great day!

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