Nashville Graphic Design: Birth Announcements

Happy Friday!

Because of the impending birth of my niece and because I have been wanting to add some diversity to my Etsy shop, I decided a few weeks ago to start working on birth announcements. The only problem was that I didn’t have very many newborn photos to use. However, I am definitely not in short supply of photographer friends!

I contacted Molly from Simply M Photography, knowing that she likes to do family shoots – just hoping that she would have something that I could use. And you guys. She sent me pure gold. Molly has such a great eye for unique detail and there were so many images that I loved – it was hard to pick just a few! They all fit so beautifully with the designs I had already created!

Over the next few weeks, I hope to increase the amount of birth announcements to my portfolio – and you better believe I’ll keep coming back to this collection of images! (For now, you can find my full collection of birth announcements on my Etsy shop.)

Hope you have a great weekend!

3 responses to “Nashville Graphic Design: Birth Announcements

  1. How am I just now discovering your Etsy shop?! Love love love your work. I see a birth announcement order in the near future – we’re due in 10 days!

    • Oh my gosh, congratulations! I’d love to do birth announcements for you! Hope you guys are doing well!

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