Nashville Graphic Design: Mini-Cards!

I recently completed a custom business card design for a client of mine – and one of the requests that she had was that the card be a non-traditional size. This immediately got me thinking that I should add some new options for business and enclosure cards to my Etsy shop. I’m excited to work with these – and I’ll probably even make some for myself!

Also, as a sidenote – I recently completed a blog refresh. I’m the kind of person that likes to rearrange and refresh my digital portfolio (websites, etsy shop, facebook/twitter profile pictures) often, so it was time. If you’re reading this through an RSS feed, take a look at the actual site.

Have a look at all of my designs.

2 responses to “Nashville Graphic Design: Mini-Cards!

  1. Hi…
    I am so excited to see your designs. I stumbled upon them on Etsy as I was looking for some original calling cards for myself as well as for our for my children. Can you help me come up with some custom designs?

    Warm regards,
    Joanna Segal

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